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Is localhost down?

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Is localhost down for everyone or just me?

…well, is it?

It is a joking questions, but now there exists a humorous website to answer anyone who asks the question. Introducing is localhost down?


I thought it would be fun to launch a site that just returned the shrug kaomoji for a silly question. I could have left the joke at that, but being me I decided to see how far I could over-enginneer the solution.

Here is how I went too far:

  1. I created a middleman app to generate the static site.
  2. I setup a build server to compile the site and push it to a S3 bucket.
  3. I enabled CloudFront to serve the site over a CDN.
  4. HTTP2 and SSL functionality were also added.
  5. Standard page optimisations were made: GZIP, long expiry cache headers, inline CSS/JS etc.
  6. I added an AMP version of the site.

Although nice and speedy, the problem of having a site with no content is that it does not perform very well in search results. So my next challenge is to find ways to improve its search ranking (without introducing content).